Normal ppl vs. Kpop fan: What they think about.
Hi, just curious... Who is your bias from Super Junior, Big Bang, Shinee, 2pm, Beast, EXO-M, and EXO-K???

Hmm Lemme see…

Super Junior - Donghae

Big Bang - G-Dragon

SHINee - Taemin

2PM (idk them THAT well) - Nickhun

Beast - Yoseob

EXO-M - Kris

EXO-K - Sehun

(idk EXO too too well, so yeah it may change later XD)

I love your blog ha thank you

thanks. im glad you love it .

Why are you so awesome??

ahh idk Just because I am. Because ppl like these things I make, even if I dont make as many as I used to (blame school and life for that)

Your blog is awesome!! \(^o^)/ I love it

hahah YAY. thank you ^__^

first of all, you are freaking awesome <3 when you aren't busy, can you do voodoo doll & VIXX'S Voodoo doll please? 

Here ya go. Just did it this morning. (its great to do a VIXX one since I’m a big fan of them)